Dragon statue 3
Class: Black Dragon (Boss)
Locations: Stone Circle (must be summoned by Darkblood Paladin)
Items Dropped:


Attack Power: medium


The evil behind the Darkbloods is the infamous god, Bane. Bane is a personification of evil, the oldest black dragon and a creature of the sky. Darkbloods claim that he will show them the path to enlightenment, so that they can return the world to the abyss and chaos from which it came.

The second quest that Druid Adyna gives you requires you to slay Bane. You will get the Darkblood Sword of Chaos in return. Note that you must go talk to the Darkblood Paladin to summon Bane. This quest is only available after you speak with Druid Adyna and complete the quest which involves slaying Wyverns.


Although Bane has an abnormally large amount of defense points his attacks are fairly weak and predictable, making a victory in a solo battle with Bane quite feasible. He is also known to use a talisman like attack.


  • Compared to the attack patterns of other dragons, Bane's attacks have been programmed differently. Unlike many dragons whose rapid bite attacks come in pairs of three or four, Bane has been reported to be able use the rapid attack fifteen consecutive times or more.

It only can be killed with the help of Dragon Claw Scepter.

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