• Matrixwspanialy


    September 8, 2018 by Matrixwspanialy
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  • XxNessaKruegerxX

    Sherwood Tip:

    A recommended task you could do if you do not desire to pull out special weapons you've been eqipped with or are just too lazy to do those cool fight moves is just back away from the monster in the dungeons but NOT too far or they'll go away and you'll have to catch them again.

    You especically do not like to fight a monster, die, and then have trouble finding the exact same one you were fighting or you'll have to start over with a new enemy to fight instead of getting to finish off the one that killed you first.

    This also works if you just really want to keep those cool weapons out because of your disintrest in the others.

    Let your health bar build back up and when it's filled up, then go in for the attack again until the monster…

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  • KingxAlienGODxGOW


    May 16, 2017 by KingxAlienGODxGOW

    What games are you guys looking forward to this year?

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  • KingxAlienGODxGOW

    Curious if any old Sherwood players still play or pop in once and a while, would be cool to catch up with some people from back in the day.

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  • Jaeden Cuenta Cuentos

    Sorry for my english, is so bad.

    Well... I seek active clans in Sherwood Dungeon. If any leader or player, read this message, please contact me. I would like to know, in these darkest of times. For future diplomacy or inter-clan entertainment. Greetings.

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  • Dracula-RO

    Another template.

    February 11, 2014 by Dracula-RO

    I adapted Template:NavboxEnemies to use with NPCs. Hope it's good.

    Here is the new version: Template:NavboxNPCs

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  • Dracula-RO

    Alright, I mostly did it by taking parts from other templates on the wiki. Here it is:

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  • Dracula-RO

    New logo?

    January 31, 2014 by Dracula-RO

    As you may have noticed the logo we are using is from an old version of the game. I tried to make a new version by someone who has permission. Dracula ;..; Chat 13:09, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Natonstan

    Infoboxes and more!

    January 29, 2014 by Natonstan

    Admin Natonstan here, back editing the wiki after a year or so hiatus. I just wanted to notify everyone that I have added the Enemy Infoboxes to the last few enemy pages, obviously there are a lot more of these pages to be made. I also made an Infobox for the Dungeon levels, check out Dungeon Level 1 as an example. I will be adding infoboxes to the other levels as soon as I have free time, and I would also like to make all the maps look alike, with weapons labelled, and colored the same so that there is a common design to each page.

    That's all for now, i'll continue to make blog posts when I make some more major upgrades to pages.

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  • Sharonatsherwood


    January 28, 2013 by Sharonatsherwood

    Hi all

    My vision about minotauers...

    Well let me tell you the folowing. Minotauers are ugly, that is the bad news.

    But there is also good news about minotauers...

    The good news is that Gene cannot make a pet more ugly than a minotauer.

    And well you can use the nose rings for your wet towls.

    If you have a good idea for the other piercings.... Plz let me know.


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  • Sharonatsherwood

    Hi all,

    This is my first blog, but i do hope that it will not be the last one.

    Perhpas you know me a bit from my webby my webby. As I already stated there I do find that Gene has done a tremendous job.

    But, there seems always be a but not a butt lol, there are some thing who could be made better.

    Gene why do not girls have helmets in sherwood? I do find that rather dangerous, letting girls find their way without helmets...

    Secondly, girls do not have much to choose from in the cloth cabinet, everybody knows we need more to choose from. So let ther be bikini´s in sherwood.

    And talking about bikini´s it would be nice to see that we also have sea monsters available to fight them in the water on hot summer days in sherwood.

    Imagen we are going to mer…

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  • Lolaandleesee


    January 14, 2011 by Lolaandleesee
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