A player prepares to fire an arrow

Bows and Arrows are weapons added in the game on July 2010. They are the only ranged weapons in Sherwood and are primarily used to damage enemies from a long distance. In combat, arrows shot from a bow cannot be used against other players. Also, when standing in a safety zone, such as inside a tavern or a castle, it is not possible to pick targets.

Note that enemies will immediately become hostile towards the player after being struck by an arrow. Certain creatures appear to have the ability to return fire if attacked too many times solely with arrows. Certain creatures, like Wyverns and other Dragons, appear to be completely immune to bow and arrow attacks.


A Long Bow can be obtained once the player reaches the level of 12. To use a bow, click on an enemy to select it. Next, press the ; key or 0 key to fire an arrow.
Long Bow.



A quiver with twenty arrows can be bought from any merchant. They are sold in poison, flaming, ice, and night elemental forms and function similarly to elemental weapons, adding attack points to your character's base attack. It is possible to block incoming arrows. Like bows, arrows are not leveled.

Different arrows become available from the Weapon Merchant at certain levels.

  • Flaming Arrows (Level 12 - same time as Long Bow)
  • Frost Arrow (Level 16)
  • Poison Arrow (Level 20)
  • Night Arrow (Level 25)
Forest tarantua arrow targetted

A targeted Forest Tarantula


  • In the testing stages, arrows could be purchased fifteen at a time. This was later increased to twenty.
  • When the player runs out of arrows, a notification will prompt them to equip more.
  • Arrows cannot be sold to merchants.

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