Darkbloods are fanatics who whorship Bane and Agony. The Darkblood have brought disharmony to the land. They preach that chaos is the original nothingness, without form and void, from which everything appeared. They intend to return the earth to that dark abyss. They treat all non-believers as enemies to be punished or enslaved and their presence threatens the kingdom and decays the land. They are easily distinguished by their blue helms and other pieces of armor. As you move on to the story line, you will be given quests to fight them, many of which are hard to complete.

Location Enemy
Sherwood Castle

Darkblood Raider

Haunted Palm

Darkblood Marauder

Frost Bite

Darkblood Champion

Lost Lagoon

Darkblood Knight

Isle of Ancients

Darkblood Elite

Isle of Heroes

Darkblood Valkyrie, Darkblood Paladin

Stone Circle

Darkblood Paladin

Midnight Glade

Darkblood Bandit, Darkblood Spy

Maidenwood Castle

Darkblood Paladin, Darkblood Marine

Griffin's Landing

Darkblood Knightess, Darkblood Rogue

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