The term enemies refers to all aggressive NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) such as the Darkblood Raider or Forest Tarantula. These enemies can be found practically anywhere from the ancient castle itself to the frozen reaches of Frost Bite. Enemies are the only way to gain experience points through battle and are vital for you to level up. Enemies in all the islands drop chests when they are defeated. These items can be stored in your backpack so that you can sell them to a Merchant or use them for your own purposes.

Skeleton BossesEdit

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Bosses are the strongest unit in the game besides Dragons, They posses 3 times as much health as regular
Commander Skeleton
monsters and it is suggested that you bring along a friend to help knock them out. If you have not heard of these intimidating undead warriors then you are probably new to the game. Skeleton Bosses and undead warriors first appear in Dungeon lvl 5, and exist in all other levels below. Receiving a quest from Lady Marian that involves killing one of these skeletal bosses will decrease the number of regular monsters on your hit list. These boss skeletons only spawn at the small pink dot, which you can locate by bringing up the map.

Dragons and BasilisksEdit

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Dragons overall have the highest amount of health out of all monsters in Sherwood. Surprisingly, their attacks are usually relatively weak, despite their rapidity. They also have 8 times the exp of a PvE with another monster at the same level and have alternating rounds of attack to keep you from effectively blocking. Dragons can be found in Frost Bite, Lost Lagoon, the Isle of Ancients, and one can be summoned in the Isle of Heroes. Additionally, the final boss in the Prophecy of Bane is Bane himself, a massive black
Dragon. Bane has tons of HP, but would otherwise not be a big deal if it wasn't for one little thing: Bane can't be hurt by regular weapons. You can try what you want, but Bane can only be harmed by the Dragon Claw Scepter or by talisman attacks, making traditional weapons (even unique ones from the Scrolls of Summoning such as Uberblade, Forkblade, Trident, or any of the others) completely useless. Dragons also have a smaller and more vicious cousin, the Basilisk. Basilisks are in some ways, more powerful than dragons. They may not be as big, and may not have as much health as dragons, but they have a high attack score. You can find basilisks in Frost Bite, Lost Lagoon, the Isle of Ancients, and level 10 and higher in the dungeon under Sherwood.

The other variant of the Dragon are the fierce creatures known as Wyverns. Wyverns, like the Bane, can only be harmed by the Dragon Claw Scepter or by talisman attacks. The Wyverns are exactly like the pet dragon you can get, but are black in color. They have an attack similar to the fire talisman and attack rapidly.

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Wolves are one of the strongest monsters there are in Sherwood. They can bite and attack with their teeth and claws. Their rapid attack pattern is hard to block. A wolf just like the ones in Stone Circle Island can be purchased as a pet.
Timber wolf

Wolves can be found in three islands of Sherwood:

Pack Leaders and pack members. The members can be found in the woods or within the circle, whereas the leader can only be summoned by the Stone Circle Seer. The Pack Leader is one of the hardest enemies in the game.

Brown wolves called Timber Wolves. They are slightly larger than the wolves in Stone Circle island, but they are equal in power.

  • In The Fortress of Fury there is a variant of the wolf called Werewolf, which, according to the Sherwood storyline, are humans under a curse.


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Lions are enemies that can only be found at the Isle of Heroes. They can be found in both inside and outside the arena, and their stats are identical to wolves'. A Lion can be purchased as a pet.


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Spiders are one of the most common opponents in Sherwood, they attack with their fangs. There are a lot of names variants of spiders like Critter, Tarantula, Crawler, Widow, Lurker or Creeper. They come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. A medium sized blue spider can be perchased as a pet.

There is also a giant boss spider in the Isle of Heroes. Her name is Agony, she is worshiped by the Darkblood and has a quick, powerful attack. She has even been claimed by many players to be stronger than Bane. She has the same amount of health as Bane, but her attack power surpasses his by a long shot.


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All look exactly like human players, but are only found on Isle of Heroes and Stone Circle Island. These used to appear outside the arena/stone circle, but as the game updated they could only be found when summoned within the arenas. They assist the player in defeating the enemies they summoned.

They spawn in the same Team (colour) of the player that spawned them, so they are friendly at first. If the player changes colour, they will fight him or her as an enemy.


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Black Unicorn

The Black Unicorn

White unicorns can be found roaming in Midnight Glade in the area next to the Scroll Merchant's tavern. They are peaceful, only attacking players that attack them first. They attack by striking out with their hooves, and headbutting you with their sharp horn. They have a devastating attack power and can wipe any player out in only 1-4 hits. There are also black unicorns in the Fortress of Fury. Despite being corrupt by the Darkblood, the black unicorns are peaceful and do not fight unless attacked.

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