Sherwood's Gods are spiritual beings that lead their followers. Some of them are completely evil and impossible to ally with, while some are good. The pantheon seems to take inspiration from Norse, Celtic and Greek mythology.

Gods (Known so far)Edit

Some gods in Sherwood appear in major quests as bosses, and some are only barely mentioned

Here's a small list of some known gods.

  • Bane - The evil behind the Darkbloods is the infamous god, Bane. Bane is a dangerously large Black Dragon that can be summoned at the end of the Prophecy of Bane quest.
  • Agony - one of the main bosses in Sherwood Dungeon next to Bane. She is part of the Prophecy of Bane quest and is worshipped like a goddess by the Darkblood, just like Bane.
  • Jörmungandr - The great World Serpent. It is said that he grew so large he was able to surround the Earth and grasp his own tail, and when he lets go the world will end.
  • Loki - the father of Jörmungandr, described as a "trickster god". Little information known.
  • Earth Mother - The mother nature of Sherwood. So far her only known follower is Druid Adyna.
  • Umonon - idem

God-like/Spiritual placesEdit

  • Helheim - The viking underworld

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