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Items are any object that can be used by a player in Sherwood Dungeon. Items can range from swords to runestones. Items can be divided into six groups: Weapons, Amulets, Rings, Shields, Bows, and Arrows.


Weapons are used to attack other players or monsters. Weapons are worn either in your right hand, left hand, or one in each hand. Weapons can be of any type (from Swords to Axes, Maces to Hammers, and more), and of any color. Each color represents a certain "element". Red = Fire (Ruby), Green = Poison (Emerald), Blue = Frost (Sapphire) and Purple = Shadow (Amethyst). Weapons with a yellow background have no elemental bonus to them, but are slightly more powerful than normal weapons.

There are also special elemental weapons that you can get from Dungeon Scrolls or completing Special Quests. You can equip weapons equal to your level or less (If you are level 10, you can equip level 10 weapons and under, but not over).
Bloodrune uberblade

Elemental Weapons

You may equip yourself with weapons that are of a lower level than you are, but this is not recommended when fighting monsters in the dungeons. Different types of weapons have different damage ranges. From widest to narrowest, here are the damage ranges: Swords, Axes, Maces and Hammers. Regardless of your level, all weapons including fists do damage to other players and monsters. Weapons can make a player seem more imposing and are necessary for dealing sufficient damage to monsters and other players. It is not recommended that you fight with your fists; doing so will earn you a 50% disadvantage in player vs. player and player vs monster fights. Weapons also can help with timing a player's attacks; they make movements during fighting easy to see. As you progress through the game you will find cooler-looking, stronger weapons.

Every weapon has a certain number of attack points that boosts your characters attack score. The rarer the weapon, the more attack points it will add to your total when equipped.


The weapons of Sherwood Dungeon come in various colors, types, powers and attack points. Weapons are usually divided into three groups: Regular weapons, Elemental weapons, and Scroll weapons. Elemental weapons have more value and power than regular weapons but less than Scroll weapons.


Amethyst and Emerald weapons, with three amulets at bottom right.


There are only two types of Amulets, speed and attack. Enchantment Of Speed amulets allow you to attack faster than normal, for a certain amount of time. The Attack Amulets are the Talisman of Fire (Red), the Stone of Darkness (Purple), the Talisman of Ice (Blue), and the Talisman of Poison (Green). When casted, they harm your opponent and they appear to light on fire. A common rumor is that your damage is higher if your amulet and weapons are the same color, but there is actually no change. A talisman can be activated by tapping the tab key once.


Rings either increase your healing speed, or add to your health or armor. Before the update on July 2010, the most useful ring was the Ring of 100% Healing, which speeds up a players healing rate. As a part of the July 2010 update, Gene Endrody increased everybody's healing rate to the equivalent of wearing a Ring of 100% Healing. Now the Ring of 100% Healing is replaced by the Ring of Unnatural Health. There are also various other rings with many different titles.


Shields can block attacks if your timing is right. Some shields have something like "of Dominance" or "of Fortification" and have a yellowish background in their icon. These shields provide more defense than regular shields. Unlike weapons, shields have no special colors regardless of their name or stats. Instead, shields can be personalized to have different colors and symbols on them. They can be classified by their shape: regular Shields are triangle-shaped, Box Shields are rectangular, Bucklers are circular, and Kite Shields are teardrop-shaped. Shields also show players their movements, a useful asset in a fight. There are also special shields that you can only obtain through quests.


  • It is interesting to notice that the empty weapon slot icon for Sherwood Dungeon 2.1 was changed to a Vibroblade. For many years this empty weapon slot icon was a dagger.
  • All weapons with the yellow icon background color will be displayed as normal (no background color) weapons on the players list.
  • The Buckler has two icons.

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