Pets, Mounts and Allies can be bought for real money ($5 each - currency will change depending on the player's location) and give players certain advantages in Sherwood Dungeon. A mount will increase speed by 50% when riding. When dismounted, pets can assist you when attacking monsters. They also have many color options including black, green, and purple. This feature is exclusive to all pets except for the lion and the horse. As a bonus, you may also transform into your pet. All pets will only last for one year and must be renewed for further use after that.

Minions can be bought for $5 (currency will change depending on your location) and give players certain advantages in Sherwood Dungeon. Unlike pets, Minions can only fight by your side and it is impossible to use them as speed benefits. However, minions are widely customizable, allowing you to change their weapons, shields, talismans, color, name and size. Like pets, minions share health with the player and will fall in defeat only when its owner does. All minions are transformable

Currently, there are eight types of minions available: Warrior Sidekick, Valkyrie Protector, Dark Knight Henchman, Skeleton Minion, Viking Henchman and Ranger Ally.

Quote from Maid Marian's developer diary:

The pet dragon is the smallest dragon in the game, but it include a new set of flying animations.

The dragon hovers beside you in flight as you walk around. The other pets walk beside you, doing their best to avoid obstacles. They fight any enemy that attacks you and aid in combat. Although pets will appear to attack during PVP, pets cannot damage other players. Similarly, other players cannot damage your pets. This maintains the integrity of the game, ensuring players cannot purchase an advantage over other players during PVP. Pets provide 15% extra damage during combat with AI monsters or MOBs(PVE). Their attack speed is fairly high and they continue to attack as you block or cast amulet attacks. As a result, pets are an effective ally during combat. Pets are soul-locked to their master and share the same health bar. They die when you are defeated in combat and respawn when you do.

There are lots of pets/mounts available, which include, but aren't limited to: Wolf, Horse, Dragon, Spider, Lion and Unicorn.



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The Horse is one of the most useful pets. They can be used as mounts and attack enemy monsters, however there is a lack of customization. You can change its color.

Preview of a Horse


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The Wolf can be mounted for speed and dismounted for attack. The Wolf comes in three colors: grey, brown, and black. The grey wolf looks exactly like those found in Stone Circle Island and the brown Wolf looks like a much smaller version of the Timber Wolf. In previous versions, only the grey version of the Wolf was available for purchase.

Preview of a Wolf.


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Dragons can be mounted and are helpful when it comes to defeating monsters. Although limited to attacking, the Dragon comes in one of the largest variety of colors: brown, blue, green, red, and black. The dragon pet does not resemble the usual giant Dragon or Basilisk, it is rather more like a Wyvern instead, making them especially fierce attackers. In previous versions of Sherwood, only the brown Dragon could be purchased!


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Spiders can't be mounted and are used for offensive purposes. The Spider is nice but not really popular because of its weak attack power and inability to be mounted. This downside is covered by the Spiders wide array of color options. The Spider can be changed light blue, green, purple, red, dark blue and black in color. The Black spider looks like a much smaller version of the boss, Agony. In previous versions only the light blue version of the spider could be purchased.


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Lions can be both mounted and used for attacking monsters. Like the Horse, the Lion has only one color option. The lion is like those found in the Isle of Heroes.


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The Unicorn is much like the horse, helping you with both speed and attack. The Unicorn comes in two colors: lava black and white. The white Unicorn looks exactly like those found in Midnight Glade. In previous versions only the black version was available.

War HorseEdit

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Fire DrakeEdit

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Allies are human or anthropomorphic followers. They can all equip the items you give them.

Basic alliesEdit

Basic allies are located on the second row of the purchase menu and are the same as the Playable classes.


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There are two special types of minions called the Shadowfey Knight (male) and the Shadowfey Priestess (female). Shadowfey were added in the pets section in

the two Shadowfey

Sherwood Dungeon Version 2.1p. They are color customizable, and you can equip them with weaponry from your inventory. Shadowfeys were required to go through Sherwood Test before being released in the real game.


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Pets and Mounts were first introduced when Sherwood 1.5 was released. When these pets were first released, only the Horse, Wolf, Dragon, and Spider were available for purchase. Later on, in 1.5t, the Unicorn and Lion were added, the Unicorn was a new mount and the Lion was a new pet. Pets were left alone for a long time until version 2.1 kicked in. These new 2.1 updates included the option to change the color of your pets and buy them in different currencies. Afterwards, the release of enemy unicorns sparked the idea of giving pet unicorns and horses the ability to attack as well along with allowing Wolves and Lions to be mounted.

In 2.2, new allies were added, including the Shadowfey, Lycan, Paladin, Huntress and more recently pets: the War Horse, Tiger, Fire Drake and Griffin. The newest ally added to the game is the Rogue, the male ally of the Huntress.


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