Power Moves are special attacks the player can perform in order to inflict more damage than regular moves. Every 3 levels a new Power Move is obtained. Underneath the blue Mana Bar, there is a green Stamina Bar. When this bar is full, a power move can be used, which will drain it completely. Different Power Moves have different damage and timing. For example, the round kick is a very short, but not very powerful power move. The spinning strike is the longest, but also the most damaging, with 2 hits.

There are currently 6 power moves:

Keys Skill Level
<Ctrl+Z> OR 4 Round Kick 2
<Ctrl+X> OR 5 Lunging Double Strike 3
<Ctrl+C> OR 6 Reverse Hammer Strike 4
<Ctrl+V> OR 7 Spinning Hook Kick 6
<Ctrl+A> OR 8 Flash Kick 8
<Ctrl+Spacebar> OR 9 Spinning Strike 10

The combat menu (third button on the toolbar) can also be used for power moves.

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