The Quest Giver is an NPC from whom you get Quests. Some of the NPC's, like Lord Stanley can only give you quests for a specific level. Quest givers can give two types of quests: chain quests (quests that are related and lead the player from one to another) and random quests (randomly generated individual quests).

Random quest giversEdit

Chain quest giversEdit

Prophecy of BaneEdit

Before the Prophecy of Bane quests existed, Mayor Bones was the random quest giver of Frost Bite. Once they were created Mayor Bones served as a quest giver for the storyline and there was no other NPC to replace him.

Big Trouble in Midnight GladeEdit

A Kingdom BetrayedEdit

The Curse of the WolfEdit

The Rites of PassageEdit

The Siege of Maidenwood CastleEdit

Keeping a PromiseEdit

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