About SA

Sherwood Amazons was a community of players brought together by cara and HelloKitty in 2007 and had active members into 2013. It's longevity was due to the community being based on principles rather than personalities. There principles were: Make friends, fight hard, play fair, have fun, be safe. It also focused on building community among players of different nationalities, languages and locations and it tried to encourage and support female players.

In an industry interview the game's creator, Gene Endrody gave Sherwood Amazons credit for the very high numbers of female players of Sherwood Dungeon, noting that it is very unusual for a fantasy MMORPGs have a 40% female player base. SA was the first Sherwood Dungeon player group acknowledged by Mr Endrody and the only group ever credited with such a positive role within the game.

SA was almost universally supported within the game. The founders purposefully cultivated good relationships with all clans to maximize it's influence with the purpose of keeping the game safe and hospitable to female players.

From the former Sherwood Amazons website:

Welcome! Don't bring the fear you have in your 'real' life to Sherwood. Take the courage you learn in Sherwood out into your 'real' life! -cara-

Sherwood Åmazons is a community founded in 2007 by HelloKitty and -cara-: made up of chicks, women, girls, ladies and the strong guys who stand beside them, that play in the Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG. We want the game to be a fun, safe, fair and supportive place for all. To do this we build community in Sherwood and work to improve fighting and survival skills of females at Sherwood. We know that if it's good for women it's good for all.

Members of Sherwood Åmazons can be recognized by their tags, SÅ and )O(. This second tag symbolizes the phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning; and also the phases of a woman's life... maiden, mother and crone. We use this tag to show strength and unity among people of different generations and backgrounds. We also wear tags so that the people of Sherwood will recognize SA members and know who to turn to when they need help. Individual members demonstrate SA's neutrality in clan disputes by removing their tags if fighting in interclan wars.

We adhere to the MaidMarian TOS and accordingly do not knowingly accept as member or supporter people under the age of 13.


  • Founders (2): -cara-, HelloKitty
  • Mentors: Amber, Dan, d'Artagnan, Emo×Love*, HoodRobin, Jewls, jok, Kiwi, Khufu, Lady Dae, Lady NightHawk, Lady Gray Wolf, WhiteFox,
  • Members: Lilian,

Meeting Place:87 Emerald Server