War Lovers (WL) was founded by Warman. WL containing a number of FF alumni, including Chewy, Rager & Slayer. Warman quit FF after a few disagreements with Trance and Aragorn. Weapon of Choice left FF in August. A few months later, Warman tried helping revive FF by recruiting and creating a website. Much to Trance and Aragorn's dismay, Warman made IKO a neutral clan. Warman then joined SFS, then IKO, then made WL, similar to the creation of FF, many of FF's alumni joined WL, even FF's FDR, Chewy. Ever since the birth of WL, members have left FF and went to WL. Things in FF have changed and FF has been made neutral, by DV after it was near death due to Trance quitting and no longer a threat to DV (Bane's stated reason was lack of wars). While FF was still alive Trance and FDR-Soulkeepa-NG broke ties and the two clans became enemies.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Base: 70 (Emerald)
  • Leaders: Warman, Mira, Chewy