A critical hit happens when an unusually large amount of damage is done while executing an attack. To preform a critical hit, block an opponent's attacks two or three times in a row. The attack you perform after these blocks will deliver a massive amount of damage to your opponent. Critical Hits work especially well when executed with a power move. Blocking one attack multiplies your normal damage by 2 and blocking two attacks in a row multiplies your normal damage by 3 making critical hits an excellent way to dispatch your foe quickly. However, if the critical hit is blocked you lose your x2/x3 damage status and you will have to restart the blocking process. Beware, critical hits frequently glitch and sometimes may not deliver the damage they should.

Talisman Critical HitsEdit

Talisman critical hits are a special and slightly controllable form of critical hit. It happens by hitting an enemy while they are casting a talisman attack.