Darkblood Sword of Chaos
Darkblood Sword Of Chaos
Class Darkblood
Where Stone Circle
How Finishing the Prophecy of Bane

The Darkblood Sword of Chaos is a very special weapon that can only be obtained by completing the last quest in the Prophecy of Bane . In the last mission, Druid Adyna gives you a quest that requires you to defeat Bane . Once you defeat Bane she will give you the Darkblood Sword of Chaos in return. This weapon is more powerful than almost any other sword. It has a red handle and can be sold for lots of money. The Darkblood Sword of Chaos was added in November 13, 2009, Sherwood Dungeon version 2.0A.


The Darkblood Sword of Chaos is believed to be more powerful than almost any sword.

Clasification: Thrusting and Slashing

Damage: 1-338 (Level 41) = Approximately 8 damage per level

Blacksmith Upgrade = +8 damage per upgrade

Is it the most powerful? Comparison shows that at equivalent levels, it is similar to other Scroll Weapons.

Example: Mindfire Forkblade (Level 41) does 1-338 (+41 Magic)

As with any weapon that has a lower bottom range of damage (1-x), it may be good strategy to combine this weapon with either a shield or another blunt weapon with a higher bottom range of damage in order to balance its effectiveness.


The pre-released version of the Darkblood Sword of Chaos was planned to have a yellow hilt much like those of the elemental scroll swords. Clearly, this idea was changed.

Weapons in Sherwood Dungeon
This is a list of all the weapons in Sherwood Dungeon, sorted by type. Blue means they are Darkblood weapons, purple means they are Shadowfey weapons.
Type Thrusting & Slashing Cleaving Blunt Force
Regular Weapons Dagger, Short Sword, Cutlass, Gladius, Long Sword, Scimitar Cleaver, Hatchet, Battle Axe, Great Axe, Bearded Axe Mace, Morning Star, Warhammer, Pick
Unlocked at level 25 Vibroblade, Axe Sword, Broad Sword, Crescent Sword, Forkblade, Uberblade
Unlocked at level 75 Twin Blade, Four Bladed Axe, Skull Axe, Curved Axe, Trident, Scepter
Quest reward weapons (sorted by type, not by the order in which they are obtained)
Prophecy of Bane Darkblood Sword of Chaos Barbed Spear
Big Trouble in Midnight Glade Curved Axe, Darkblood Scepter
A Kingdom Betrayed Darkblood Skull Axe
The Curse of the Wolf Mindfire Sword of Chaos Lycan's Bane Silver Axe
The Rites of Passage Shadowfey Uberblade Minotaur Axe
The Siege of Maidenwood Castle Limbcutter, Hellrazor, Soulflayer, Destiny's Bite
Keeping a Promise Ice Limbcutter, Doomblade Chaosforged Minotaur Axe