You can gather what I need from the Forest Tarantulas near Sherwood Castle. Be careful, they bite and won't like the smell of you. - Fortune Teller

Forest Tarantula
Forest Tarantula
Class: Green Arachnid (size 3/5)
Locations: Sherwood Castle
Items Dropped:

Chest, Tarantula Venom

Attack Power: medium


A Forest Tarantula is a spider type mob that can be found roaming outside of Sherwood Castle. The Forest Tarantula, like all spiders, lacks any form of block and has a consistent and noticeable attack pattern. Notice that the Forest Tarantula does 60% more damage than any spiders found roaming Sherwood Castle. Upon defeat, the Forest Tarantula will drop a chest with a single Diamond. If the Fortune Teller's Prophecy of Bane quest is active, the Forest Tarantula will additionally drop Tarantula Venom.

Enemies in Sherwood Dungeon
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