Glitches are unexpected events that happen when the game malfunctions. The term is generally used when referring to physics-related glitches, such as walking through walls or walking on water, though it can also refer to PvP-related glitches, which can be used to gain an unfair advantage when fighting other players.

There are many glitches throughout Sherwood Dungeon, and due to the fact that many of them are harmless and players insisted on leaving them in, they have not been patched.


There are player-created lists of known glitches.

  • Roadkill's Repository - probably the most organised website related to glitches. It is also frequently updated, and contains other information such as maps and art galleries.
  • Glitch Central at CNN Sherwood - all the glitches from Roadkill's Repository, on a different domain.
  • Glitches_Central - an old website from 2007 which has some glitches which may work.