Haunted Palm is one of the islands linked to Sherwood Castle by a portal. This island seems to be located near the tropics and contains a structure of connected huts were you can find a Merchant or recieve a quest from Baron Akale, who replaced Captain Macrae due to the Prophecy of Bane quest updates.

Baron Akale is located in the largest hut on the island and has two quests for you to do relating to the Prophecy of Bane storyline.



Old version of the island.


There are very few glitches that are exclusive to Haunted Palm.

  • One of the trees here can be climbed by using the corner trick and moving back and forth slightly to climb.
  • Though difficult, the corner trick can also be used to get on top of the railing.
Locations in Sherwood Dungeon
This is a list of all the locations in Sherwood Dungeon.
Each one can be teleported to by either using the 8th button on the toolbar or teleport commands.
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