Unicorn Statue

Midnight Glade is one of the thirteen locations in the world of Sherwood Dungeon. Type /teleport9 to teleport directly to this island from anywhere in the game. It consists of a dark landscape with a village made up of several houses and windmills. It is also the center of scroll/runestone purchasing and was added in March 2010. This island is special because it is the home of the Scroll Merchant the Runestone Merchant, who both sell their items in return for diamonds. Midnight Glade is also the home of the Blacksmith, who can upgrade weapons to the next level in return for diamonds. The rarer the weapon the more diamonds you will need to upgrade it. The Supply Sergeant is located near the unicorn statue and is a man in white armor. His first quest asks of you to kill a certain number of Darkblood Bandits in return for a normal Curved Axe. In his second quest he will ask of you to kill a certain number of Timber Wolves in return for a Darkblood Scepter. Both quests offer lots of experience in and are a good way of leveling up quickly. In the center of the village is a statue of a unicorn. There are only three enemies on this island but they can be very tricky for novice players to dispatch.


The Unicorns are a unique type of enemy. They were added in late April 2010 and were classified as incomplete. During their incomplete version, they could not attack and could not be harmed. Later, they were completed and they were able to fight, but only if the player attacked them first. The unicorn's attack is very powerful and can kill you if you take as little as 1-4 hits from them. The quest given to you by the Darkblood Spy will offer you a Darkblood Skull Axe in return for ten unicorn horns. This is so far one of the hardest quests in the game.

Locations in Sherwood Dungeon
This is a list of all the locations in Sherwood Dungeon.
Each one can be teleported to by either using the 8th button on the toolbar or teleport commands.
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