Click Me
Class: Valkyrie
Location: Sherwood Castle
Quest: Killing a small number of enemies in the forest surrounding the Sherwood Castle
Reward: Talisman of Ice

Morgan is a female NPC that stands next to the spawning circle outside of Sherwood Castle. She greets new players to the game and explains how to play. She also gives novice level quests. In her first quest, you are required to defeat a small number of Venom Critters in return for a Talisman of Ice. This has shown to be an easy way of obtaining a new talisman. Additionally, she can give you a letter that you must bring to the Fortune Teller. During the Halloween updates, she appears to have a female pumpkin head.


  • In older versions, her name used to be Click Me, to teach new players how to interact with quest givers. This is not necessary anymore since all new players have to finish a tutorial before entering Sherwood.
Morgan's Welcome Message