Ruby Scrapper
Class: Transparent Red Viking (size 1/3)
Locations: Sherwood Castle
Items Dropped:

Chest, Ruby

Attack Power: low - fast (Basic Attacks, Flaming Arrows, Flash Kick, Talisman of Fire)


A Ruby Scrapper is a viking type mob in the game Sherwood Dungeon found in the forest surrounding Sherwood Castle and are among the weakest humanoid creatures there. The only downside to fighting them, is that sometimes your attacks will not hit them due to their small size. They also block intermittently and will not hesitate to use the Flash Kick power move to bring down your health. If you flee from battle, they will strike you down with their heavy damage long bow attack. Kicks are the best attack against them. Some of the various quests that Viking Olaf Vermund and the Fortune Teller give to you require you to kill a certain number of these. After killing them, they drop a chest and during the quest Prophecy of Bane a Ruby.

Enemies in Sherwood Dungeon
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