The logo of the game has been changed several times as new versions have been published.

Sherwood Dungeon is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG created by Maid Marian Entertainment Inc. Since it is playable from a regular Internet browser, downloading is unnecessary, although the players must have the Adobe Flash or Shockwave plugins installed to play.

Sherwood Dungeon is unlike many RPGs in that it does not take levels into account most of the time. It follows a largely skill based gameplay, where the proper use and combination of attacks and blocking are key to successful fights. As with traditional RPGs, it also integrates quests, stat-enhancing items, and player levels. True to its name, Sherwood Dungeon offers an endless dungeon, with leveled mobs and loot.

To advance to the next player level, the player must obtain a fixed number of experience points. Experience points can be obtained through many methods, most commonly by defeating monsters and completing quests. Note that player level does not affect PVP combat (although the player may not have access to certain power moves early game). Mob versus player combat is also unaffected by player level, with the exception of the Dungeon, and the Isle of Ancients.

Sherwood Dungeon is also community based. Players have the option of joining player made guilds/clans, many of which will participate in raids against rival or enemy clans.



Loading screen of the flash version.

The game was created by Gene Endrody and Maid Marian Entertainment Inc. at around 2002, under the name Sherwood Temple (now known as Sherwood Classic). In May, 2005, Sherwood Dungeon was a ground-breaking game as a completely free, 3D, Shockwave MMORPG, with its profits coming entirely from advertisements, and a few in-game options (such as Pets and Mounts). With over 1.5 million unique visitors a month, it was one of the largest and fastest growing browser-based games on the Internet.

Membership systemEdit

Unlike most other MMORPGs, starters do not need to sign up for an account to play, however, creating such an account is free and gives access to several in-game benefits, including additional weapons and an extremely high level cap. Users without an account are level capped at 25 and do not have access to friends lists and few other features.


A player in-game.


  • Move forward - Up arrow key/W
  • Move backwards - Down arrow key/S
  • Move right - Right arrow key/D
  • Move left - Left arrow key/A
  • Strafe right - E
  • Strafe left - Q
  • Attack - Control (CTRL)
  • Block - Shift
  • Target - Click on enemy
  • Use Talisman - Tab
  • Use Arrow - ; (must target enemy first)
  • Jump - Space
  • Dance - Up and down arrow keys (pressed at the same time)
  • Power moves

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