Stone circle monument.

Kings may come and go, warriors may fight and die, but the Stone Circle keeps standing as if all history passed in one moment. Who and what magic created this sacred place is lost to the passage of time.

The landscape is similar to that of Sherwood Castle, but in the middle of the island there is a circular monument that resembles Stonehenge. It is also the home of Bane and his flying Wyverns.

The last two parts of the Prophecy of Bane quests occur here. Like in Isle of Heroes, Bane's summoning arena is inside the ring of mindfire stones.

In the circle of this island, a pack of Wolves and the Pack Leader can be summoned. For so long as the circle has stood, it is the wolves who have been the true rulers of this land. Fierce, savage and proud, they will test the honor of you and your friends.

Quote from Maid Marian's developer diary:

On October 2nd, I launched Stone Circle Island. It contains a structure obviously inspired by Stonehenge. I was forced to take some creative liberties from the original design. After removing some standing stones to leave room for the arena, increasing the overall size and changing the relative scale of the five inner monuments I decided that calling it Stone Circle would be more appropriate. The Stone Circle Seer has a few challenges for you, including the Wolf Pack Leader, one of the most difficult creatures in Sherwood. I launched Stone Circle Island shortly after the launch of pets to send the message that I am committed to continue releasing free content.




  • While inside the Stonehenge, Wyverns cannot attack you.
  • The island features Soldiers that assist the player when Wolves are summoned.
  • Before the Prophecy of Bane storyline was added, the Soldiers could be found outside of the Stonehenge.
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