Tank Ball

Tank Ball is a Popular Multiplayer game created by Maid Marian. The game features different rooms just like Sherwood Dungeon, and also features different team colors. It is most easily compared to the battle arena in Sherwood. Teams are identified by the colors red, blue, green, and white. The newest version of tankball is Tank Ball 2. Unlike the previous version, Tank Ball 2 has new power ups, landscape, and has patched up many hacks such as invincibility. The land features of the game are very similar to those of Sherwood, having similar rocks, trees, and water. The controls in Tank Ball are simple: use the arrow keys to move, and the ctrl key to shoot. Tank Ball does have a current problem with hacking.

Single PlayerEdit

In the single player mode, you are a green tank and you must face off against many other red tanks. You are not required to insert a username and the game does not have an end. Your tank can only take three hits, and is a good way to practice for multiplayer.


In multiplayer, you are put into a room with other players. Your goal is to shoot down as many enemy players as you can and get the highest score. Kills, shots, and accuracy all contribute to your final score. Shooting and killing other tanks awards you with points, but being shot and killed by an enemy subtracts points. In other words, the best way for your team to win the game is to shoot more than you are being shot at. You are allowed to change teams whenever you want, but doing so will reset your current score to 0.

Power UpsEdit

There are two power ups in the game. Both can be picked up by running into them . The cube shaped power ups increase your speed for about 1 minute of the game, allowing you to move much faster than others. The spiked power ups award you with 10 abnormally powerful tank shots that set the enemy on fire when hit.

  • Tank Cube
  • Tank Spikey