Entrance to the dungeons.

The Dungeon is probably the, or at least one of, most important part in the game. This is the area which the game was named after. It is almost flooded with monsters, and as to this day, no player has ever reached the end. There are more dungeon levels than there are player levels. Each level has many different monsters, and it is recommended to be at the same level or higher than the dungeon level to enter it. It is, however, possible to teleport up to the dungeon level that is 20% higher than your personal level if you use the /level command. The first few levels have the appearance of a castle keep, with castle-like walls, and then progress to looking more like caves then crystal caverns and then it repeats itself.

Only in The Dungeon the players can view a map of the surrounding area, and the last known place of monsters. The green dots are the stairs toward easier (upper) levels, and blue are stairs to harder (deeper) levels.

Basic informationEdit

Every dungeon level has many chests and barrels that contain a variety of items. The items found in these chests and barrels can range from rings to scrolls. Every dungeon level has specific types of monsters in it also. After level 5 all dungeon levels have 1 type of humanoid mob, 1 type of miniature humanoid mob, 2 types of spiders, 1 type of Basilisk, 1 type of skeleton minion, and always only one boss leader skeleton. There is virtually an infinite number of dungeon levels.



The mapEdit

The map can be opened by clicking the compass rose at the bottom right corner of the screen. The map is very important in many ways. If you ever get lost just open the map. The green circle represents the up staircase. The blue circle represents the down staircase. The small gray dots represent the last known location of monsters. The small pink dots represent the place where a leader skeleton spawns.

Below are the links to maps and information on each level.

Dungeon Level 1 Dungeon Level 2 Dungeon Level 3 Dungeon Level 4 Dungeon Level 5 Dungeon Level 6 Dungeon Level 7 Dungeon Level 8 Dungeon Level 9 Dungeon Level 10
Dungeon Level 11 Dungeon Level 12 Dungeon Level 13 Dungeon Level 14 Dungeon Level 15 Dungeon Level 16 Dungeon Level 17 Dungeon Level 18 Dungeon Level 19 Dungeon Level 25
Dungeon Level 30 Dungeon Level 57 Dungeon Level 110 Dungeon Level 115 Dungeon Level 116 Dungeon Level 117 Dungeon Level 119 Dungeon Level 120


There are no known major glitches that can be performed in the dungeons because a different physics engine is used. All of the stairs, walls, chests, and barrels are solid; however, there are a few interesting tricks that can be done while in the dungeon.

  • To pass through a wall, scroll down while moving forward.
  • Normally there is no way to use the /camera command in the dungeons, however there is a way to get around that: first, stand right in front of the dungeon teleport ring in Sherwood Castle, then go into camera mode and walk forward until the screen changes into a birds eye view of the dungeons.

The dungeon room as it appears as of November 2016