The Fortress of Fury

The Fortress of Fury is one of the ten islands in the game Sherwood Dungeon. It was released in Sherwood Dungeon version 2.2 and contains many elements that are similar to those of Midnight Glade, including a Scroll Merchant, Rune Merchant, a Blacksmith, a stone circle spawn point, multiple taverns and the Curse of the Wolf quest storyline.

This region can be accessed by the command /teleport 10

This island strongly resembles that of a medieval village. It consists of a small amount of taverns, surrounded by a large wall which you can climb on. Fortress of Fury is the only teleport where monsters can climb the building structures, notably the Lycan. The quest storyline can be completed by speaking to Gypsy Phoenix, located directly on the border of the spawning point. The questline offers a lot of bonus experience points and is great for leveling up.


Locations in Sherwood Dungeon
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