Class: Gray Wolf (size 1/3)
Locations: Stone Circle
Items Dropped:


Attack Power: high - fast (Bite, Headbutt [high movement speed])


Wolves are proud and strong creatures. All wolves are very hard to outrun and have considerable amount of attack power. While they are formidable enemies in the game, they make powerful allies if owned as pets.

They were first added to the game in version 2.0 and could be found in Stone Circle Island.

Types of wolfEdit

There are several types of wolves in Sherwood:

  • Basic Wolves have gray fur and are somewhat small in size. Like other wolves, they are very fast in movement and attack speed. They are exclusively found in Stone Circle Island.
  • Timber wolves have brown fur and are found in Midnight Glade. They are slightly larger than their gray cousins.
  • Werewolves have black fur and are found in the Fortress of Fury. They are comparable to timber wolves in many ways.
  • Pack leader: A superior and large scale version of the standard wolf.

    Gray pack leader.


Wolves can be bought as pets, for $5. They can be used as mounts, fight alongside the player, or even be transformed into.

Enemies in Sherwood Dungeon
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Isle of Heroes Lions · Darkblood Valkyrie · Soldiers (must be summoned) · Arena Dragon (must be summoned) · Agony (must be summoned)
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